The ESCAN Board is offering 10 “Conference Fee and Travel Costs” waivers for ESCAN members (pre-doctoral and PhD students) who have financial difficulties to afford the registration fee and the travel costs to attend the 2022 ESCAN conference in Vienna. The waiver consists of:

  1. A waiver of the Early Bird registration fee for ESCAN 2022
  2. Up to 500 Euros reimbursement for travel costs

Please send a request for financial support to attend ESCAN 2022 to and include the following:

  1. Your name, affiliation, position and contact information
  2. A brief statement (half a page) to explain your motivation to attend ESCAN 2022 and your financial circumstances
  3. A formal letter from your university or supervisor in which it is stated that the conference fee and travel costs will not be reimbursed

If you receive the waiver, please note that ESCAN will reimburse the costs that you will make to travel to Vienna for ESCAN 2022 for up to 500 Euros. In order to receive the reimbursement you will need to submit documentation supporting your travel costs (e.g., copies of tickets and receipts). Only ESCAN members will be eligible for the ESCAN 2022 conference waiver.

The deadline for submitting a request is May 10th 2022. We aim to inform applicants who will receive the waiver by May 18th 2022 (which is well before the Early Bird deadline of May 31st). If we receive a large number of requests, the ESCAN Board will allocate the waiver through a lottery.