The many attendees of ESCAN2022 clearly show that we, as a scientific community, want to see, talk and connect to each other again, probably more than ever. At the same time, we know that events such as ours have a tremendous impact on the environment.

Therefore, we are trying our best to make the event as low impact as possible, foremost by reducing unnecessary waste to a minimum. In order to achieve so, we have taken four steps:

  1. There will not be any printed program: everything that is essential for a worthwhile conference experience will be provided online and easily accessible, including from your phone.
  2. No goods/merchandise will be provided by the sponsors or the organizers.
  3. You will be given a reusable cup from the local startup “mycoffeecup” for the beverages served at the complimentary coffee breaks. Please bring this cup with you to the conference, and re-use it during all five coffee breaks. You can keep the cup after the conference, and continue using it back home – or return it at the registration desk so it can ultimately be reused by others. If all of us cooperate in this, we may avoid the waste of up to 3000 single use cups!
  4. We will compensate the carbon emissions caused by the local activities of the conference to a large extent, and would like to ask you to consider doing the same for your travel-related emissions (you may want to use the Viennese University of Natural Resources’ own climate mitigation initiative as well).